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    15 Funny Librarians Who Prove Libraries Are Anything But Boring

    I’m the first be acknowledged: I love a library.

    As a lifelong reader, libraries have always been places of enchantment and wonder for me. But for people who maybe aren’t as into volumes as me, I can see why they might seem stuffy. Depictions of libraries and librarians are typically uptight and negative.

    The reality is that librarians are awesome, and they’re ever looking for ways to connect with their patrons. This can lead to some pretty funny material. Here are 15 hilarious librarians doing their thing.

    1. “Sometimes I wear my panda hat to work. This is what it looks like to everyone strolling into the library.”

    Reddit/ djhalfacookie

    2. “This was at my college library entrance.”

    3. “When libraries troll their patrons.”