I Divorced the Man God Told Me to MarryAnd Its ALL to the Glory of God

By Dena Johnson

I am divorced, and it’s all to God’s glory!

Before you start hurling the stones in your hands, please hear me out.

I grew up with a firm foundation in Jesus Christ and a conservative denomination. I gave my heart and life to Christ at persons under the age of six and vowed never to date anyone who didn’t induce God his number one priority. When I seemed a call to full-time ministry at persons under the age of 10, I knew the track “peoples lives” was on–and I never looked back.

As I grew, I watched in horror–with stones in my hands–as well-known Christians announced their divorces. I vowed never to listen to their music or sermons again. How could they ever break their pledge and humiliate the name of Christ, specially while serving in full-time ministry?

In my last years of college, God brought a boy into “peoples lives”. I knew without a doubt that God had sent him, that God had told me this was the man with whom I was to spend the rest of “peoples lives”. I entered my matrimony with a solemn swear before God and man. Divorce was never an option in my mind

Through 15 years of wedlock and three precious children, we had realise our share of ups and downs. I had devoted myself to being his helpmate, a co-minister at our faith, a mother. Although our matrimony was not perfect, it was good. He would counselor couples having marital problems and come home to tell me how blessed we were to have such a solid marriage.

On September 9, 2008, my life shattered when my husband was caught in an affair with a woman in our faith. After my fair share of cry, hollering and crying, my heart began to soften. I began to see this situation as an opportunity for God to be extol, for Him to take a good matrimony and make it a great marriage. I specify my heart on forgiveness and reconciliation, and I pray that God would open the doors to a new ministry.

For nearly a year, I operated and prayed. I stood untold ache and panic and adversity. I did everything within my power to keep the wedding together. In the end, I discovered that while it merely takes one to walk away from a wedlock, it takes two to keep it together. I could not save my wedding alone.

Now < i> I was the object of contempt and condemnation. I was the one facing the angry mob holding the stones. I was the one who had humiliated Christ through a divorce.

I’ve asked God many times why He would tell me to marriage a boy who would cheat on me and not repent. I’ve reminded Him that I could have certainly detected a human on my own who would do that. I’ve wondered why I should continue to walk in obedience if divorce was the boon I received.

Although I know that God’s perfect will was for my wedlock to survive, I have learned to taken into account in man’s free will. You see, God had a plan for my husband and me to have a great ministry, a great wedding. When my husband chose to walk in disobedience, God had a plan for reconciliation, a plan to receive the beauty for a wedding repaired by the grace of God.

And, when my husband continued to walk in disobedience, God adapted His plan once more. You insure , now He wants to get the beauty through my divorce.

I in no way argue that God wanted me to divorce. Nonetheless, He did give me permission to divorce( Matthew 5:32 ). The important fact is that my response to my situation–even though it didn’t turn out the style I wanted it to–can bring God glory. You realize, God has taken my life and redeemed it. I went through a hour of demise, depression, and desperation when I lost my wedding. But, through God’s love and faithfulness, He has restored me to life. I have truly become a new person! My faith has grown vastly through the trials and tribulations of this life! I have a new hunger and thirst for Him that is beyond my greatest dream! He has taken the hurt and pain that I have suffered, and He is now leveraging them for His glory–as He opens doors for me to share the hope of a life renewed.

In John 11, we read the histories of Jesus’ good friend Lazarus. Lazarus’ sisters sent Jesus an urgent message, telling him to come quickly.

When Jesus heard it, He said, “This sickness will not terminate in death but is for the glory of God, so that the Son of God may be extol through it.” Now Jesus enjoyed Martha, her sister, and Lazarus. So when He heard that he was sick, He stayed two more days in the place where He was . John 11:4 -6

Did you see that? When Jesus was called to heal his good friend, he didn’t hurry-up to Lazarus’ side; instead, He bided where He was for two more days. By the time Jesus arrived, Lazarus had been dead and in the mausoleum for four days. Surely if Jesus had shown up in a timely manner, Lazarus would have never succumbed!

But, Jesus said, “This is for the glory of God.”

You see, God could have shown up in my wedlock. He could have prevented my divorce. He could have heard my relentless pleas. But, He permitted my husband to exert free will.

What did Jesus do when Mary, Lazarus’ sister, came to Him and fell at His feet? Jesus wept( John 11:35 ). He experienced the emotions of the situation, the sorenes of losing a dear friend.

What did my Savior do when my marriage crumbled? He sobbed with me. He wept over the injure, the pain, the devastation. He hollered for the lives impacted by our divorce. He cried over the broken vows.

Then, as simply Jesus could do, He called for the stone over Lazarus’ tomb to be removed. His sister Martha complained. “But, Lord, his torso is disintegrating! He stinks! We can’t do that! ”

When I filed for divorce, people around me began to pick up their stones and accuse me of transgressing my covenant, of humbling the epithet of Christ. I walked in disgrace and disapproval. I had a heavy burden of remorse. I felt as if there was an overwhelming stench that surrounded me.

As the people obeyed Jesus and removed the stone from Lazarus’ grave, Jesus committed the command.

Then Jesus elevated His eyes and said, “Father, I thank You that You heard Me . I are well aware that You always hear Me, but because of the crowd sitting there I said this, so they may believe You mailed Me.” After He said this, He screamed with a loud voice, “Lazarus, come out! ” The dead man came out bound hand and foot with linen strips and with his face wrap in a cloth. Jesus said to them, “Loose him and let him go.” John 11:41 -4 4

After Jesus wept with me over the death of my dreamings, He called me–the dead woman–to come forth. He extol, “I am the resurrection and “peoples lives”! ”( John 11:25 ). He told me that He would resurrect “peoples lives”, that He would take the fatality I had experienced and give me a new life. He told me that He would supplant my nerve of stone with one of flesh( Ezekiel 11:19 ). He told me that He would do something new( Isaiah 43:18 -1 9 ). He told me that He would do something astonishing in me so that He could do something amazing through me. He commanded me to remove the graveclothes of guilt and condemnation and to set them behind me.

As I continue to walk this road, I am astounded at the new life I have. My trials and tribulations have worked into me a new tendernes for injuring people. While I certainly don’t recommend divorce, I am the first in line to offering a word of hope and encouragement to anyone walking through the pain. I no longer pick up my stones because I recognise there’s ever more to the story. My nerve has a burning fervour for purity and encouraging those whose lives have been ravaged by the cyclones of this life. My purpose in this life has become exclaiming the restoration that simply God can bring!

It doesn’t is important that life hurls at you: divorce, adultery, medical problems, fiscal ruin, addiction. It doesn’t matter whether the cyclone was heaped on you by someone else or by your own acts of disobedience. The only thing that are important is what you do with what life gives you. No is important that the situation, God can–and will–redeem it for His glory. You must simply choose to surrender to the Resurrection and the Life.

While divorce was not God’s perfect will for my life, I choose to let it be for His glory!

Thank you, Lord, for taking “peoples lives” from the depths of the tomb and breathing new life into me. Thank you for taking the failures of my past and using them to encourage others. Thank you for taking my divorce and using it for your glory !

About the Author : Dena Johnson is a single mommy of three amazing children. In her spare time, she is a Registered nurse. She delights in taking the everyday experiences of life and turning them into biblical lessons for her children. You can read more by clicking here !

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