It’s Time To Follow The Instagram Account Dedicated To Mugshots Of Hot Female Felons

The majority of people aspire to never find themselves in jail, but for those who do end up behind saloons, posing for a mugshot is an inevitable part of the process.

These videos typically send a shiver down people’s spines, and the most famous mugshots are of some of history’s most notorious culprits like Charles Manson. It’s hard not to be intimidated by a boy with a swastika tattooed on his forehead! However, our attitudes towards mugshots changed considerably when Jeremy “The Hot Felon” Meeks’ mugshot moved viral in 2014. It was posted to Facebook by a police department in California and rapidly garnered 75,000 likes, 20,000 commentaries, and 10,000 shares. The 33 -year-old, who has also been dubbed “The Blue-Eyed Bandit” and “Jail Bae”, had been charged with gun possession and defying arrest on June 18, 2014. He was subsequently sentenced to 27 months behind saloons before being released in 2016. While in prison, the father-of-three became famous around the world for his dashing mugshot, and, despite being incarcerated, signed a modeling contract with White Cross Management. He likewise landed a top Hollywood agent, Gina Rodriguez. Meeks went on to induce his runway debut at New York Fashion Week in February 2017. He was later described by Vogue magazine as being a “buff bad boy”. Since then, his modeling career has only gone from strength to strength and he even appeared at Milan Fashion Week. What’s more is that he’s now got a serious girlfriend, Topshop heiress 26 -year-old Chloe Green. Our fascination with attractive offenders has shown no signs of letting up since Meeks’ mugshot went viral. Now, an Instagram page called “Mugshawtys” has created to share mugshots of hot women who have found themselves on the wrong side of the existing legislation. Their felonies vary significantly in severity, and some help find themselves posing for mugshots after flashing. Doh! Thankfully, however, wherever possible, the makers of the page have included their crime below their mugshot. That innocent smile disguises a lot of wrongdoing. She’s clearly got no unhappiness. And it seems that there are a lot of attractive ladies out there committing crimes … Yikes! The Instagram page was created on November 19, 2017, and it’s already amassed 13,700 adherents. And of course, the moderator often tries to see the humor of the page: No doubt a modeling contract or being “discovered” would help a lot of the female offenders featured on the page. Out of context, these cute criminals’ mugshots could feature on a magazine cover. Because with smouldering gazes like this one, they belong in the fashion world. Because a’ failiure to appear’ is a cruel felony when you’re this good appearing. This felon with a unique example of heterochromia iridis( an eye with two different colors) would certainly stand out in the simulate world. The( Russian) spy who loved me … And yet she seems so innocence … However, it looks like Meeks could be having competition from another viral “Hot Felon”. In October 2017, 20 -year-old Mirella Ponce was dubbed his female equivalent after her mugshot went viral. She received two crime charges after being found in a vehicle with her child and a loaded handgun. Being a known California gangster, her bail were supposed to $50,000 for each charge- carrying a concealed firearm and carrying a stolen pistol. The dark-haired beauty clearly won over social media users who soon began to offer to pay her bail because of her appearance.

“I’ma just go bail her out, ” wrote one Facebook user. “Free this hot gangster chick.” Another added, “The only crime she committed was stealing my heart.” Ponce is portrait below simulate, presumably after she got out of jail. They might say that felony doesn’t pay, but if these hot felons are anything to go by, that’s certainly not the case.

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