This Parkland Shooting Survivor Will Not Return To School At All

Students turned over to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Wednesday for the first time since the February 14 shooting.

But Samantha Fuentes was not one of them.

The senior was shoot in the thigh and reach in the face and legs by shrapnel from fellow students as they were shot; she injured her face when she reached the ground.

Now she says she will not be going back to the school because for her “there’s no such thing as normal anymore.” Instead she’ll finish out her credits with online courses.

But it isn’t fear that’s retaining her away — it’s a new purpose. She told CNN:

“As I’m recovering and taking my online courses, that’s when I’d like to take the chance to travel, and speak to large-scale audiences, spread my message, been talking to lawmakers, attend rallyings, be everywhere I need to be so that people are able to hear me clearly.”

Her bravery is so inspiring!

Samantha is campaigning for greater school security measures, creating the minimum age for gun purchase, stronger background checks, and an attack weapons ban — all of which frankly seems like common sense to us.

We wish her the very best as she continues her education — of lawmakers that is!

BTW, check out gurl’s fab interview from last week in which she talks about not acquiring Donald Trump empathetic or impressive( below )!


[ Image via CNN .]

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