Twitter Permanently Bans GOP Candidate For Racist Meghan Markle Tweet

Twitter has permanently banned the report of a GOP congressional candidate after he posted a racist picture targeting soon-to-be royal bride Meghan Markle .

On Friday, Wisconsin Republican Paul Nehlen tweeted an image of Markle with Prince Harry that superimposed a picture of “Cheddar Man” onto Markle’s face, according to Newsweek. Cheddar Man is the oldest complete skeleton found in Britain and new DNA analysis indicates he had dark scalp and dark, curly hair.

The image was captioned, “Honey, does this affiliation induce my face seem pale? ”

Nehlen’s tweet was immediately condemned by many, including performer Patrick J. Adams, who co-starred with Markle on “Suits.”

Adams called Nehlen, who is running to replace House Speaker Paul Ryan( R-Wis .), a “sad and sick man with no sense of shame or class.”

Nehlen responded to the outcry with a tweet claiming he was using a gag to gripe about articles that use science to “’prove’ whites never existed.

Twitter confirmed to Newsweek on Monday that Nehlen has been permanently bannedfor recurred breach of our terms of service.”

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel calls Nehlen an “outrage artist” who has applied similar techniques to raise monies and his own profile.

Last month, he posted a list of his critics on Twitter and said most of them are Jewish. He afterwards posted the epithets, phone numbers and email addresses of critics who reached out to his campaign to complain.

In December, HuffPost asked Nehlen if he was a white nationalist. Two hours he dodged the question and the third largest time, he didn’t respond.

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